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Same Powerful Products

A New Vision of Healing

     Come in and check out all our new products, our new vision, and the same tools of transformation Edward used to heal himself from a life threatening illness

 Super Exciting!

Because we are still everything you loved from the old CBD Sedona store but…

With A New & Powerful Twist!

A New Year

A New Vision

Hello, My name is Edward Francis Gordon. I am the Co-Founder and Medical Director of the CBD Sedona Clinic.

I am sad to announce that the CBD Sedona Clinc has reached a turning point. My business partner and I have decided to go our separate ways and CBD Sedona is permanently closed. However, this actually turned out to be a good thing because Turning Point Sedona has arisen. Finally, my business is aligned with my highest purpose of making a bigger difference through powerful inner and outer change.

We are still in the same physical location here in Sedona AZ and we still have the same powerful Kentucky CBD Oil you have come to love. All sourced from the same farm. However, we now also offer powerful tools to help you create even deeper changes in every aspect of your life. These are some of the tools I used to gain access to my higher creative power and rewrite my story. We are creating everything in the store with the idea of giving you access to your own power to recreate your life. Very exciting!

So, even if you feel like you don’t need anything more than just your CBD, I invite you to come in and take a look around. You might just find an opening you didn’t expect.

– Edward Francis Gordon –

Founder of Turning Point Sedona and Epic Rewrite FLOW empowerment System

 Want to keep purchasing your same tried and true CBD? We have you covered!


Same CBD You Love

We still have the same Kentucky CBD Oil you have come to know and love. All sourced from the same farm we have always used. It’s the same product with the same effectiveness.

Energy Activated

We still activate every ounce of our CBD with sound and energy vibrations to give all of our transformational CBD products an extra punch of effectiveness.

Same Expertise

We are still a medical clinic. As always we can check your meds for interactions and if you have a specific medical condition we can help you understand how to take CBD or if to even take it at all.

Order right here on the site and we will call you back promptly.

Or call us directly at:

(928) 862-2080

If You DO Want More

If you want to create a deeper more powerful change in your life…

If you would like to lead by example and make a bigger difference…

If you would like to break through all the old negative patterns that have held you down since you were a kid…

Then Use The Same FLOW Tools

Edward Did To Move From A Life Threatening Illness Back to Vibrant Health

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